BehaviourWorks works because our aim from inception was to be a very different kind of research organisation; not just a place with a specific focus on Behaviour Change research, but one that actually breaks down the barriers that have prevented research being put into practice.


Our idea was to appeal to a far greater audience than a narrow group of academics. Fortunately, our founding partners saw significant value in this idea as well and, along with the Monash Sustainability Institute, agreed to support the initiative.


We started with two government organisations and a private Behaviour Change company: Environment Protection Authority Victoria; Sustainability Victoria; and The Shannon Company. In 2012, they were joined by the Office of Environment and Heritage in NSW and in 2014 by WorkSafe Victoria.


These partnerships are at the centre of what we do. Through learning and sharing, we now have a better understanding of human behaviour and ways to influence it.


Our BehaviourWorks’ Five-Year Strategy, Building on strong foundations: Research into Practice, is about research that leads to practical, everyday solutions.
It focuses on:

Several times a year, BehaviourWorks brings to Australia world-leading behavioural change academics and practitioners. These speakers ensure we’re across international developments and serve to inform and inspire our partners and clients.

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