A culture of collaboration

It's not rocket science, it's people science.

You can legislate for change; you can throw money at it; you can smother your audience with information. But if you want people to change, willingly and for good, you must inspire them. Inspired Change happens when a behavioural insight is combined with a powerful, emotional connection. Inspired Change can benefit an individual, a business or a society as a whole. Inspired Change is change for the better.”

– Bill Shannon

The Shannon Company is no place for shallow thinkers.

“We know one thing for certain; tackling Behaviour Change at a surface level is a shallow approach and unlikely to deliver a sustainable change.” Bill Shannon

An Original Thinker

Fowler describes “creative” as a “luscious, round, meaningless word”, a vaguer substitute for “original”. You appreciate Fowler.

An Inspirer

You don’t need Fowler to appreciate what inspiration means and involves.

A Curious Soul

You agree with the renowned Time Magazine essayist Lance Morrow: “Curiosity is the noblest form of intellectual energy”.

A Perpetual Optimist

You see problems as opportunities. Time after time, case after case, we have found that hope is a far more powerful, empathic force than fear.

An Open Mind

Your mind is like a parachute. It works best when open. But you are not a windsock.

A Story Teller

People have always connected with each other by sharing stories. You understand the power of communicating through narratives.

A Persuasive Nature

You know an idea is not worth a pinch of salt unless it is bought, with commitment.

Not Dour (Our Founder is a Scot)

Your appearance, manner and voice reflect that you are cheery, not just cheerful.

Our collaborative model

We bring together the best skills to tackle the challenges our clients face, many of which confront some of Australia’s biggest social issues.

We are known for many types of creative collaborations.

We see our role as bringing people together and co-creating and designing solutions. When you work with us, you could find yourself sharing ideas, insights and thinking with academics, sociologists, psychologists, economists, writers, musicians, comedians, artists, producers, journalists, political advisers and film-makers.

Academic partners

In 2011 we co-founded, and continued to co-fund, BehaviourWorks Australia, a research institute at Monash University established to bring leading behaviour change researchers and practitioners together to find behavioural solutions to real-world problems.

Whether front and centre of a major project or working in the background supporting our teams every day, BehaviourWorks is an embedded part of our process. It helps us…

  • Shape the behavioural science behind our strategies;
  • Stay abreast of the latest research into how people in Australia and around the world are behaving;
  • Understand the latest behavioural science learnings from around the world; and
  • Build our own teams’ behavioural science knowledge through ongoing training programs.

What behaviour do you want to change?

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