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We inspire change, willingly and for good.

We encourage people to change their lives, willingly and for good.

Good for themselves, their family, their organisation, their environment and their society.

Also 'for good', because it is a change that is long lasting and often permanent.

The rigour of Behaviour Change.

Everything we do is built with the rigour of Behaviour Change science. Consistently stimulated by the academic insight of Australia’s leading Behaviour Change research unit; BehaviourWorks Australia, our approach is world leading. 12 years ago, we cofounded and since co-fund BehaviourWorks and our partnership has led to a unique approach to inspiring change, with a model that explores the emotions that underpin beliefs and behaviours. 

The power of the Change Narrative.

Behind every positive sustained change is a story with a substantial truth. A warts and all story, with a protagonist and antagonist. It is a story that moves you from an existing set of beliefs to a new set of beliefs that lead to a desired behaviour. The Change Narrative weaves light and shade into an honest journey of self-discovery, creating an emotional connection, that inspires transformation. 


No other shared medium has effected greater change in the modern world, than film. From the days of families gathered around the telly, to the latest TikTok trends, we are forever fascinated and emotionally engaged by the moving image in all its forms. ChangeFilms is built on this understanding. And after nearly two decades, we are continuing to produce some of Australia’s most effective, emotive and change inspiring content.  


In an era characterised by smaller budgets, nuanced messaging and precise target audiences, a different strategic approach to creating change is called for. ChangePR is a purpose-driven approach to fostering positive societal impact. Holding true to a core narrative and employing evidence-based strategies, we can reach people in the mediums they consume news and information in a way that engages and motivates. 

Latest work that's inspiring change.


Make the most of yours

Make the most of yours

Client: AustralianSuper
We inspired Australians to trust and prefer AustralianSuper more than any other super fund. Most importantly, we inspired them to do small, good actions that lead to a better retirement.
Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

Client: Respect Victoria
We inspired 1 in 2 people in Victoria to challenge themselves and others to call out family violence and violence against women.
Illicit Firearms

Illicit Firearms

Client: Crime Stoppers
In the first year of the campaign, we inspired the surrender of over 17,000 unwanted and unregistered firearms.
Nambawan Super

Nambawan Super

Client: Nambawan Super
Previously a superannuation fund for just government workers, we made the PNG community see that Nambawan Super was ‘for everyone’ and helped Nambawan grow to be PNG’s #1 superannuation fund.

We apply rigour when others will not.

We collaborate with academic partners where others cannot.

We act with empathy while others might not.

And we measure ourselves on actual change which others do not.

What behaviour do you want to change?

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