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The Hon Steve Bracks AC is joining The Shannon Company

As Australia’s only communications company dedicated to the study and practice of Behaviour Change we are delighted to be able to draw on Steve’s unique experience in leading and driving change.

There is almost serendipity in his joining; Steve in his leadership of Victoria and his corporate leadership roles, is a great believer and practitioner of the power of the change narrative and behaviour change programmes.

In his time as Premier, he built on the legacy of the profound, world leading behaviour change programmes undertaken in Victoria for Road safety and anti-smoking. In his time as Premier of Victoria and amongst his many achievements, he led the State through the challenges of climate change and the millennium drought with a narrative that inspired all Victorians to conserve water through the implementation of the behaviour change tool kit – policy, incentives, social marketing, products and environmental restructuring. Victorians became the best water conservers in the world. Governments and organisations from around the world now seek advice on how to handle droughts and water conservation activities based on the success here in Victoria.

Also, under his leadership in Victoria, Steve introduced ground-breaking workplace safety legislation and along with the introduction of WorkSafe, the behaviour change toolkit was leveraged to drive a significant reduction in workplace injuries – Victoria became the safest place to work in Australia together with the lowest workplace insurance premiums. Again, the world has learnt and adapted from Victoria’s leadership.

In corporate life as Chair of Cbus and on the Board of Industry SuperFunds Australia, he has played a key role in the growth of superannuation and ensuring the Super Guarantee legislation is implemented for the benefit of all Australians.

In all these cases Steve has worked with The Shannon Company on the behaviour change communications program. Our approach is continually improving and informed by the work of BehaviourWorks at Monash University – Australia’s leading behavioural science research centre, that we founded and fund to this day.

As the world, Australia and organisations grapple with the huge challenges and speed of change that surrounds us – climate issues and transition to renewable electric energy, social issues, diversity and inclusion, gendered violence – there is a growing need to understand and harness the power of behaviour change and change narratives to provide leadership and inspire collective action – for good.