Laugh without leaking

Client: Continence Foundation Australia

The behaviour:

Incontinence is an issue that affects one in four Australians, but nobody talks about it and 80% don’t seek help.

‘Laughing’ is a time when people suffer from incontinence and ‘laughter’ helps mitigate embarrassing topics. We formed a strategic partnership with comedian Bev Killick and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, then featured Bev in a two phase digital campaign to:

1. Build awareness and decrease stigma.
2. Build women’s knowledge and capability to exercise their pelvic floor muscles.

The change:

By “taking the piss” we reduced the stigma associated with incontinence and got women doing pelvic floor exercises.

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Laugh without leaking

Client: Continence Foundation Australia

We inspired people to think differently about incontinence and helped thousands feel the benefit of pelvic floor exercises.