Show of strength

Client: Industry Super Australia

The behaviour:

In response to the introduction of the superannuation Choice of Fund legislation in 2005, a group of like-minded Industry SuperFunds came together to use their collective strength to create a major behaviour change campaign. The aim of the campaign was threefold:

  • educate fund members about the benefits of Industry SuperFunds;
  • promote them as a better alternative to retail super funds; and
  • protect the superannuation rights of working Australians.

The change:

Over many years the two iconic TV campaigns, scheduled in tandem, have informed and resonated with members, as well as non-members. They also provided – and continue to provide – an important backdrop for extensive discussions with both Government representatives and Members of Parliament when reforms to the superannuation industry are under consideration.

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Show of strength

Client: Industry Super Australia

We inspired a movement that reshaped the financial landscape of Australia and secured the retirement of over 6 million Australians.