This girl can

Client: VicHealth

The behaviour:

Women avoid being active because of a fear of judgement.

We generated 400 applicants from women of different ages, cultural backgrounds and stories, but all sharing one or more of three identified behavioural barriers relating to being poorly ‘judged’ – appearance, ability, priorities. We shortlisted 25 to appear in a uniquely Victorian version of the UK’s ‘This Girl Can’ brand campaign.

The change:

We inspired one in seven women in Victoria to be more active.

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This girl can

Client: VicHealth

We inspired women across Victoria to get active, by helping them overcome any fears of judgement.

Show of strength

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We inspired a movement that reshaped the financial landscape of Australia and secured the retirement of over 6 million Australians.

There’s a lot of us

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We positioned Cbus Super as the leading super fund for the entire Building and Construction and Allied industries.

Black armbands

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